Favorite dessert - salted carmel brownies

Favorite vacation spot - Northern Minnesota

Favorite leisure activity - cooking/baking

Favorite pair of shoes - Tevas sandals



Favorite dessert - almond cake and ice cream

Favorite vacation spot - Mt. Rainier National Park

Favorite leisure activity - watching college football

Favorite pair of shoes - hiking boots


Mt. Rainier in Washington

Our home

first, let us tell you a little bit about us...


Darren is originally from the coast of Washington State and grew up with a fishing pole in his hand. Darren’s degree is in hospitality and he worked as a hotel manager for several years.  Now,he works as a waiter and runs his own fishing guide business.

Amy is a Minnesota farm girl who still loves cows and baking homemade bread like her mom used to do. She has degrees in English Literature and Art History. By day, she works as a project manager, and by night she is a writer working on publishing her first novel.


Amy loves Darren because he is so patient; he has taught her how to drive a stick-shift car (twice!) and he will still put the wiggly worm on her fishing hook. She loves watching him cheer and fist pump for his college football team and that he holds her hand when the airplane takes off (and lands!). Amy loves Darren’s playfulness, kindness, reliability and patience that will translate from being a wonderful husband to a great father.


Darren loves Amy because she is willing to try new things. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain, trying a new recipe, or fly fishing, she is game to try anything once. Ever the farm girl, Amy moos at the cows during drives in the country and dreams of raising chickens one day. She is by far the most loving and caring person that Darren has ever met. Amy loves to cook from scratch and makes Darren chicken soup when he’s sick and chocolate chip cookies just for fun. She will listen to and help anyone she can through a tough time. Amy’s compassion and caring as a loving wife will make her an amazing mother.


We were married in 2007 and our marriage has survived job changes, a failed move and many years of battling infertility. Despite the challenges, we have only grown closer and more in love over time. We have a great support system that extends from our backyard to around the world. From Amy’s family who lives a few blocks away, to Darren’s parents and brother in Washington, and dear friends stretched from coast to coast and even to China, we have a solid, caring support system.